We provide

storage trailers, roadworthy trailers, full service maintenance, painting, decal production/installation and complete transportation services.

Specialty Trailers

We will source or build any trailer that fits your needs. And develop a customizable lease that fits your business.

Standard Trailers

DST offers both standard and specialty equipment to fit your trailer needs.

Track & Trace Your Trailer Fleet Assets

Imagine: You’re staring into a truck yard of thousands, similarly-colored trailers, and have one hour to locate 10 specific trailers with no clue where to begin… Sound like a familiar challenge? Without the right tools, having full visibility of your assets can be like finding a needle in a haystack — you may even have more luck finding the needle. Change those odds with trailer tracking technology for company fleets, giving you the ability to locate and manage your assets 24/7.

But the advantages of trailer tracking go well-beyond location detection; they’re actually as vast as the miles traveled by a trailer’s tires.


Giving Back

“DST is committed to giving back to local charities who do so much good for our community. Every year we reserve 2% of our annual income to disperse to organizations that we believe are changing the world for the better. ”

-Chip Matthews, President and CEO



We are the “One Stop Shop” for all of your semi trailer needs.

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