We are trailer specialist because we ONLY Maintain, Repair and Service SEMI-TRAILERS, not the tractors.

DST provides maintenance services for any trailer, regardless of its owner.

DST will repair at any location – We’ll come to you!.

Preventive maintenance, annual inspections

  • DST offers standard preventive maintenance and annual inspections on a wide variety of trailers.
  • Click to schedule annual inspection. (Fill out form for annual inspection)

Minor repairs

  • Whether you need a new mud flap or a taillight, no repair is too small. Give us a call at 1 877-Trailer or drop by your nearest DST branch.

Major repairs

  • DST can perform any level of service from bogie replacement to roof or floor replacement. Click the link below to talk to a representative.
  • If the repair takes your trailer out of service, we can provide you with a loaner in the meantime.

Tire repair

  • All four DST locations perform on- off-site tire repair; recaps, new, tubeless or any tube type.

Painting and decaling

  • From small patch repair to total trailer repainting, we do it all. Do you have a decal you want removed?
  • We can take it off and have yours put on. Renting, leasing, or buying a trailer? All you have to do is send us your artwork and we will have it printed and installed when you need it.

Field Mechanics and On-Site Repair

  • We will come to you! Whether one trailer or your entire fleet needs maintenance, we will provide top-of-the-line repairs to help keep your business moving and growing.


  • Schedule a repair with DST: [phone number and/or email with instructions for how to schedule a repair]



We also provide maintenance with some of the quickest response times at competitive rates. Let us be your first call for maintenance issues, whether it be a simple PM or a component failure that has your unit down.


We also pick up and deliver trailers. If you have a fleet of trailers requiring maintenance, we are dedicated to putting our experience to work for you.

Scheduled on site inspections and repairs

Just when the trailer is being loaded, you find out there is a mechanical issue with it.  Hopefully you have another trailer in inventory, but if not, this slows down the entire operation. Let DST set up a regular inspection process to insure great up time on your owned trailers or leased trailers.  This save time for your operation and helps prevent late deliveries to your clients.

Immediate trailer repair needs

When you find the mechanical failure on your or our trailer, just call 1-877-TRAILER. We will have a mobile truck on the road with in 30 minutes to repair your trailer or ours.  If the repair is extensive, we can send another trailer quickly so you can still deliver to your client on time.

DST In shop repairs and maintenance

When your trailer needs an annual inspection, a PM or unscheduled repair, bring the trailer to any DST facility for complete, fast and cost effective repairs to your trailer.  Remember, if you need to use one of ours while yours is being repaired, we have what you need.

Service Calls

Decal Removal and Installation

Our team provides repairs for many trucking companies located in the Atlanta, Memphis and Dallas areas. With years of experience, our qualified field mechanics help us to offer convenient and cost-effective on-site repairs whenever you break down. We save you time and money and we guarantee satisfaction. Break downs are stressful for you and your clients. Because our technicians will come to you, we remove or reduce the stress associated with your trailer involved issues..

Trailers are complicated, heavy pieces of specialized equipment. They require experts like our team members to get the problem diagnosed and repaired the first time. We’ll solve these problems quickly and right the first time

Competitive Rates

Federal/ DOT inspections